Who am I?

I am a Christian.  I am an American.  I am a soldier.  I am a Republican. I am OF THE PEOPLE.

What do I mean by "Of the People?" It's very simple.  I am not a career politician or someone who went to school to learn how to play the game.  I work a normal job in a factory and have proudly served my country in the US Army Reserves for over 10 years.  

I cannot afford to lose my job no more than any of you.  I cannot just stop doing my job to spend the next year campaigning like some of my opponents are able to do.  

I am not a rich man by any means.  I live paycheck to paycheck just like all of you...sometimes beyond my paycheck.  However, I am still self funding my campaign because I don't want to feel like I've been bought by anyone.  This is why you won't be seeing signs all over the place for me.  Although I do plan on trying to get out for as many events as possible throughout this election cycle, most of my campaigning will be done here on my website and my Facebook page (Clyde Benson for Senate 2020).  Most of the money I put into my campaign account is for boosting posts from my Facebook page to reach as many people as possible.

This is not about money.  It's not about power.  It's about protecting our country and our way of life.  Right now, we have too many people in government, not just congress, who are only out for themselves.  It's time we put an end to that.

This is where I need the help of everyday people.  I don't care about getting endorsed by anyone.  I don't care about raising money.  This election should not be based on either of those things.  I need your help to get my name out to as many people as possible.  As I've said, you're not going to see signs out for me everywhere.  Those get way to expensive and since I'm self-funding, there is no way I will be able to afford them.  

We need people who cannot be bought.  Although I may not be rich, I hold my honor and integrity in high regards and will not do anything to jeopardize either. 

about me

My full name is Danny Clyde Benson II and I was born on April 4, 1978 in Winchester, TN and have lived the majority of my life in the small rural town of Huntland, TN.  I currently live in the same house that I grew up in as a gift from my parents when I returned home from deployment to Afghanistan in 2011.  They currently live next door to me.

Family and friends are very important to me and I feel you can never have enough of either one.   I still have the same friends from my early childhood and have been blessed to add many more over the years.

I had a very modest and humble upbringing that instilled in me the values of faith, a hard day's work, honesty, integrity and respect.  These values are slowly being lost in today's society.

After graduation from high school in 1997, I entered the workforce after a few failed attempts at joining the Navy.  I kept getting disqualified for medical reasons.  My first job was a cart pusher at Wal-Mart.  Since then, I have worked in factories, as a security guard and even briefly had a job transporting prisoners all over the country.  

I have attempted going to college a few times but have yet to receive a degree.  

In 2009, my dream of serving my country was realized at the age of 31 when I joined the US Army Reserves.  My military career has had its ups and downs over the last 10  years, but I love putting on that uniform and serving my country.

During my time in Afghanistan in 2011, I really began getting interested in politics and began learning as much as possible.  I will admit that I don't have all the answers and maybe not even all of the questions, but I have always prided myself in the ability to learn quickly, adapt and overcome all obstacles.

I look forward to serving you if elected and working to restore America to greatness like never before.